Editor’s Note:  We are republishing this informative conversation between Bill Koenigsberg and Laura Molen with an added introduction from Sean Cunningham, President and CEO of VAB. The VAB is partner to Beet.TV in this 12-part series. This video was originally published in June.  This is one of  the segments from the series of selected videos we are re-publishing this month. We call this highlight series “Rewind.”  Andy Plesser

NBCUniversal is getting into the streaming game with next month’s rollout of Peacock, setting the stage more innovation and value-added services for advertisers. Peacock’s service includes free, ad-supported streaming that has the potential to support more interactivity between brands and consumers.

Laura Molen, president of advertising sales and partnerships at NBCUniversal, discusses the future of advertising in this episode of the Beet TV/VAB “TV Reset” forum.

Speaking to Bill Koenigsberg, the president, CEO and founder of media services agency Horizon Media Inc., Molen said Peacock has strong potential to convert viewers into shoppers with the development of supporting technologies.

“Free, ad-supported streaming…is the future, not just of viewership, but how advertising can work,” she said. “We can work together with marketers to create a commercial experience in a whole new way.”

The company is currently testing voice-activated remotes that let viewers respond immediately to advertising, Molen said. She also foresees innovation for ad inserts, product placements and channel design.

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