The coronavirus pandemic’s effect on media prices has led some advertisers to wonder whether they can find better deals in the scatter market rather than the upfronts. As advertisers shift media dollars into the third quarter and boost demand, deals may be harder to find.

Jo Ann Ross, president and chief advertising revenue officer at ViacomCBS domestic advertising sales, discusses the broadcaster’s pricing in this episode of the Beet TV/VAB “TV Reset” forum.

Speaking to Bill Koenigsberg, the president, CEO and founder of media services agency Horizon Media Inc., Ross says broadcasters are rebounding as the third quarter approaches after taking a hit coming into April.

“For CBS, we are not below upfront. In fact, we are still at premiums because in third quarter, coming out of upfront we came out very, very well sold,” Ross, who last year became the first woman to lead an ad sales team at a broadcast network, said.

She also sees strength in ViacomCBS’s cable and digital platforms. The company’s brands include MTV, BET, Nickelodeon,  Comedy Central, VH1, CMT and Paramount Network, along with the CBS All Access streaming network.

“In terms of cable and digital, we’re active in scatter,” Ross said. “We have inventory, not as tight as CBS, but we are not writing below upfront currently. With what’s been coming in the past few weeks, I don’t see that changing.”

Ross also discusses the market dynamics between linear TV and streaming, and the importance of live sports to CBS’s lineup starting with the return of the PGA Tour.

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