To Courtney Maron, the managing director of enterprise partnerships at Omnicom Media Group, the most exciting part of connected TV is that it combines the familiarity of linear with the targeting of digital. For now, however, that excitement is still about potential rather than the current reality.

“We’re not necessarily there yet when it comes to being able to get the measurements that you want,” Maron tells Beet.TV. “But we do know that we are going to get there. And to be able to have that advanced targeting that you used to be able to only get in digital that you can get with people at home, it’s amazing.”

Part of the process in reaching the full potential of connected TV is fragmentation, which Maron considers an opportunity. Right now, 90% of the OTT market is still across four partners, she says. Partners like Vevo and Pluto TV that represent new opportunities for client to get in front of more targeted audiences. Outside of linear, Maron says, marks the end of “shotgun plans” – holistic planning is still part of the strategy, but the approach is more tactical.

“None of it is one size fits all,” says Maron. “Fragmentation is no longer a dirty word, it’s a way we are reaching customers.”

Guiding the shift to a split, more targeted customer reach is data. Maron says that data sourcing is not perfect – right now, with data coming from different sources, she likens it to a “Frankenstein” approach – but long-term, it will be game changing.

“We have to make this leap of faith and get as much data as we can,” she says.

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