Like many others in the TV ecosystem, 605 has worked to create data sets that continue to grow the advanced TV marketplace. Noah Levine, CRO of 605, presented a new company offering to the industry at the Beet Retreat in San Juan this week that lends a new data perspective.

605 Platform is built on 605’s TV viewership dataset, of which Charter Spectrum is the cornerstone, and is overlaid with ACR data and data from other key MVPDs. According to Levine, this data is unique because 605 has 100% matching rights againsts the 21 million households, making the viewership extremely actionable.

“We can see exposures down to the household level, we can activate data at the individual household level, and be able to overlay that on top of TV viewership,” says Levine.

605 Platform covers all 210 DMAs in the US and they’ve invested in their data science team to build out a currency-grade projection model for national projections. Levine explains that they have a healthy overlap between both set top box data and ACR data, representing the whole home in terms of viewership, and they combine them to create a really sharp data set.

The launch of 605 Platform includes third-party data pre-loaded in and it also supports the ability for their customers to take advertisers’ first-party data, as well as their own first-party data, and to overlay it on the TV ecosystem with accuracy

“The 605 platform makes it easy to go in and, on the fly, build segments see what over index is and see how it looks across the TV universe and even be able to perform posts against that,” says Levine.

Customers for the new platform include national TV programmers, media companies, holding companies both large and small, as well as marketers in-house at brands that have advanced analytics marketing functions and organizations that have valuable data assets in the digital world. These are companies that are looking to activate their data on TV like never before.

Levine predicts that 605 Platform is going to raise the bar in terms of attribution – not merely bottom of the funnel attribution, but viewing the full funnel. They have a data set that is not only vast, but high quality and managed on a daily basis.

“Essentially we’re also bringing this to bare in 605 attribution solutions to really raise the quality and accuracy of attribution for the TV industry,” says Levine.