SAN JUAN, PR —“TVision is a data and analytics company. And what we focus on is measuring something that’s never been measurable before, which is how do people actually watch TV. “

That provocative statement from TVision President Luke McGuinness sums up the company’s approach to TV measurement.

TVision recruits panelists who agree to use TVision’s measurement device, but McGuinness says that the company’s secret sauce is that their cutting edge technology is able to provide second-by-second viewing data, along with an account of who is actually in the room and (most important) the level of attention they are paying to the TV.

The TVision device has three unique technologies at work. It uses ACR to understand what’s being watched, regardless of source. It then communicates with any connected devices in the home to understand which ones are active and what applications are in use.

Finally, the device is able to “process second-by-second what’s happening on the other side of the glass in the actual living room,” McGuinness explains. “We can see who is present in the room, was there anybody present in the room, how many people (so we can understand co-viewing), and are they actually looking at and paying attention to what’s on the screen.”

One of TVision’s more noteworthy findings is that ratings do not necessarily correlate with attention.

“Just because a show has a very large audience, that doesn’t mean that audience is very engaged with what’s on the TV,” he relates.

TVision’s measurement product actually includes a layer of attention data that lets brands understand the level of attention that’s being paid to a show, so that they can find those sorts of smaller more engaged audiences that provide a better return on investment.

“Whatever behavior a brand is trying to drive, anything from awareness to website visits to purchase—none of that is going to happen unless someone is paying attention to the ads.”

That is why, explains McGuinness, one of the company’s key value propositions is that they can help clients to understand which shows give them the greatest number of engaged viewers as a way of optimizing their media plans.

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