Making Ads More Meaningful To The End Consumer: Google’s Curley

SAN JUAN, PR – “What we’re seeing now is an acceleration towards standards based and IP enabled delivery, which is giving ad sellers and the TV industry a lot more flexibility around what they can do,” notes Chris Curley, Partner Lead at Google.  But, he cautions, there’s still a lot of work to be done […]


Addressable Was The Word At Beet Retreat: TV[R]EV’s Wolk

SAN JUAN, PR.  Having just completed a fifty-page deep dive TV[R]EV Special Report into the hows, whys, whos, whats and whens of addressable TV advertising, it was more than a little reassuring to hear many of those findings echoed by the top level TV and advertising executives participating at this year’s Beet Retreat. We started […]


The Value Of Deterministic Data: 605’s Levine

SAN JUAN, PR – 605 is officially entering the measurement market with a new product known as 605 Platform. What makes 605 Platform unique, according to Chief Revenue Officer Noah Levine, is that it has “100% deterministic data matching rights against 21 million households.” Levine explains that “deterministic data” is the ability to take a very […]


Fragmentation Is The Real Challenge: LiveRamp’s Hoctor

SAN JUAN, PR — John Hoctor started Data+Math with the idea that TV was “under credited.” Meaning that the medium as a whole was not getting the credit it deserved and was thus becoming undervalued.   “What we set out to do was to apply larger data sets to the problem,” says Hoctor, who is […]


The Goal Is To Lessen The Ad’s Disruption: Hulu’s Davidov

SAN JUAN, PR —Asaf Davidov, Hulu’s Director of Ad Sales Research, has seen the company grow rapidly over the past five years. When he joined in 2015, they had just 10 million subscribers, a number that’s now grown to 30 million subscribers and 72 million ad-supported uniques. In terms of upcoming opportunities, Davidov spoke of […]


Turning Search Activity Into An Actionable Metric: EDO’s Scott Grunther

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — EDO (short for Entertainment Data Oracle) is looking to capture from “middle of the funnel” metrics for TV advertising by tracking matching search activity to ad activity. “Search is an ideal measure of consumer intent,” notes EDO’s Chief Revenue Officer Scott Grunther. “It starts with the premise that people are […]


Attention May Be The Most Important Metric Of All: TVision Insight’s McGuinness

SAN JUAN, PR —“TVision is a data and analytics company. And what we focus on is measuring something that’s never been measurable before, which is how do people actually watch TV. “ That provocative statement from TVision  President Luke McGuinness sums up the company’s approach to TV measurement.  TVision recruits panelists who agree to use […]