Over-the-top TV advertising technology holds the potential to drive more specific outcomes for car salespeople..

In fact, the ability to track which car ads were seen by which viewers and which viewers went along to a showroom as a result could be a game-changer, says one broadcast company owner offering that functionality.

“Automotive is a classic example,” says Tim Fagan, chief revenue officer at TEGNA. “It’s getting really, really precise. OTT brings that capability at a far more precise way than linear television can.

“We can take an ad being viewed on, say, a linear broadcast television, and take it all the way down to whether (a viewer) visited a website, whether they walked into a car dealership, whether they bought a car.

“We can take that data, tie it to programming and tie to news and really say, ‘Hey, this is an audience that, Mr. and Mrs. Advertiser, you should be really interested in based on the outcomes that we’ve driven previously’.”

TEGNA operates 62 television stations and four radio stations in 51 markets and has 31 million social followers. The group acquired another 11 local Fox, CBS, ABC and CW channels from Nexstar Media in September for $740 million.

Its marketing services include Premion, an advertising offering for over-the-top TV.

Fagan was speaking with Janus Insights & Strategy’s Howard Shimmel for Beet.TV.

The interview took place at the at the TVB Forward conference in New York.  The series is sponsored by WideOrbit.