ORLANDO – Disney’s deal with Roundel, from Disney’s perspective, is a play to help brands optimize and measure the effectiveness of their own campaigns.

According to Disney Advertising Sales svp of cross portfolio solutions Laura Nelson, in conversation with Beet.TV at the annual ANA Masters of Marketing Conference, Disney caught on to just how powerful Target’s in-store and online data was. The plan with the partnership, she says, is to work with both Target and their brand clients that have big presences in Target stores, to show the effectiveness of the media they’re buying, both on linear platforms and, down the line, on OTT platforms.

“At the most basic level, we’re trying to show that there’s a sales lift tied to the ad exposure for the networks across Disney’s advertising sales portfolio,” says Nelson. More holistically, Disney plans to be able to use Roundel data to work with brands to better time their campaigns around a media schedule that will get them the best results, “tied to whatever creative they’re running at any given time,” she adds.

Retailers like Target as well as Kroger and Walmart are putting the vast amounts of shopper marketing data that they’re sitting on to work, as advertising revenue becomes a clear and valuable supplementary business to core retail. In addition to Disney, Roundel is partnering with Index Exchange to segment publisher audiences based on customers’ purchasing behavior.

For now, Nelson sees Disney’s partnership with Roundel an initial match to brands in the CPG, electronics and toys categories, and the company has plans to test strategies with over-the-counter pharma brands as well. The plan is to start with categories that have the most products in Target stores and online, whose sales would see the most considerable lift using a smarter media schedule strategy with Disney and Roundel. But while Nelson is currently seeking proof of concept, eventually, she’s seeking scale. Importantly, Roundel’s data covers a wide variety of categories, as Nelson points out that one strategy doesn’t fit all pockets of retail.

“This partnership helps us test and understand how a business outcomes deal could work. We could do one or two of these, but we have to figure out how to do these at scale. That’s why we think the Roundel partnership is so unique,” says Nelson.

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