ORLANDO – Getting a better understanding of privacy and data will help protect agencies. In an interview with Beet.TV at the ANA Masters of Marketing Conference, Marla Kaplowitz, president and CEO of the 4A’s, says it will also help agencies connect with consumers.

“It’s not just data for data’s sake,” says Kaplowitz. “It’s about understanding how you can use that data to glean those insights to create work that will really connect with consumers, but also understanding its impact and being able to target in the right ways. Everyone is looking for relevancy – data helps you deliver that relevancy.”

Part of this understanding is being able to navigate the current landscape of data privacy. Given the upcoming launch of the California Consumer Privacy Act in January, many are wary of the strict regulations and the domino effect it could have on other states. In an effort to look for a universal solution, Kaplowitz says that the 4A’s is partnering with the ANA, the IEB, and the NAI to form a coalition called Privacy for America.

“Our goal is to also bring about the creation of a data protection bureau within the FTC and to recognize that right now the onus has primarily been on the consumer and that needs to shift to be more on the companies,” says Kaplowitz.

Making the consumer feel more safe will lead to better data, and better data can lead to a more targeted relationship with the consumer. According to Kaplowitz, this can lead to considerable connections.

“This is a great opportunity for agencies to partner with their clients to help them understand the landscape, what is going on, how to be mining their first party data, how to be leveraging third party data in the appropriate way, and how to take advantage to really build a robust understanding of connecting and engaging with those consumers.”

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