Multiple Media Channels Drive the Flywheel: Chipotle’s Perdue

ORLANDO – To show the customer how Chipotle differed from other restaurant chains, the company hired an award-winning documentarian, Errol Morris, to take a camera into its kitchens and film the food prep process. As part of the brand campaign, two different pieces of content focused on Chipotle’s guacamole exemplified the range of platforms that […]


Understanding Customer Needs Secures Brands’ Futures: The Clorox Company’s Grier

ORLANDO – Storytelling is what connects customers to brands and helps them understand why and what to buy. Stacey Grier, CMO of The Clorox Company, wants to figure out how to use new media to tell stories in new and different ways that help the company and its brands breakthrough to a bigger audience. Grier, […]


Marketers Need to React in Real Time: MillerCoors’ Feinberg

ORLANDO – MillerCoors knows you tune out, and likely check your phone, during commercial breaks. As a company that relies on linear TV, and particularly live events like sports, in its advertising strategy, it’s looking to figure out how to still get in front of customers who aren’t paying attention to TV ad spots. Brad […]


Get to Know the Evolving World of Data and Privacy: 4A’s Marla Kaplowitz

ORLANDO – Getting a better understanding of privacy and data will help protect agencies. In an interview with Beet.TV at the ANA Masters of Marketing Conference, Marla Kaplowitz, president and CEO of the 4A’s, says it will also help agencies connect with consumers. “It’s not just data for data’s sake,” says Kaplowitz. “It’s about understanding […]


Accenture’s Brand Consulting ‘Rips Up The Rule Book: Mendonça

ORLANDO — As the finger was pointed at the ad agencies for inefficiency and obfuscation, the big business consulting groups smelled an opportunity. Now Accenture, PwC, EY and Deloitte has made significant efforts at taking brands’ marketing services contracts. But what does that look like? In this video interview with Beet.TV, Nikki Mendonça, president of […]


Twitter Is Where Brands Go Live: Maheu

Twitter’s US advertising revenue grew 29% in the second quarter of the year versus the prior year, driven partly by video growth. But what does a brand’s Twitter engagement look like these days? In this video interview with Beet.TV, Twitter’s VP of Americas, JP Maheu, explains the offering. “Fundamentally, Twitter has become the news app […]


Dunkin’s Weisman: Constant Innovation Is Key to Survival

ORLANDO – To Tony Weisman, the CMO of Dunkin’, paranoia is necessary for brands’ survival. “If we keep serving the same product to the same consumers in the same way, over time, we’re going to go the way of a lot of other retail brands in recent years,” Weisman told Beet.TV in an interview at […]


Triad to Help Brands Build Shopper Marketing Strategies Via New Unit

ORLANDO – Triad plans to launch a new solution designed to help brands navigate the complex commerce environment, according to David Haase, the company’s global chief development officer. Under the umbrella name The Market are tools to help brands create marketing strategies and execution strategies across shopper marketing, national media and e-commerce sites. “All to […]


Too Much Plumbing, Too Little Poetry: Tobaccowala Wants Heart In Marketing

ORLANDO — Over the last 10 years, the advertising industry has obsessed over new toolsets that allow it to precision-target audiences, automatically buy the right ads and finely measure the results all the way through to sales. But is this now an industry that is led too much by the numbers? Or, put another way, […]


Viewers Like Ads, But Not Too Often: Xandr Research

ORLANDO — Although the recent boom in subscription video-on-demand may suggest a customer base that is rapidly opting out of ad-supported media, consumers actually enjoy ads – but they don’t want to see them too often. Those are findings from a new report commissioned by AT&T’s ad-tech unit Xandr. Kantar surveyed 2,004 consumers from the […]


The Best Way to Deal With Disruption Is to Lead It: P&G’s Pritchard

ORLANDO  – Ahead of his panel during the 2019 Global CMO Growth Summit, P&G chief brand officer and co-chair of the ANA Marc Pritchard spoke to Beet.TV to give an overview of his outlook on the industry. It starts with disruption. “Everyone’s being disrupted,” says Pritchard. The only way to deal with disruption is to […]


Nelson: With Roundel, Disney Can Better Meet Brands’ Demands

ORLANDO – Disney’s deal with Roundel, from Disney’s perspective, is a play to help brands optimize and measure the effectiveness of their own campaigns. According to Disney Advertising Sales svp of cross portfolio solutions Laura Nelson, in conversation with Beet.TV at the annual ANA Masters of Marketing Conference, Disney caught on to just how powerful […]


MediaMath’s ‘Source’ Aims To Reboot Ad-Tech For Transparency: CEO Zawadzki

ORLANDO — It is three years now since the ANA’s K2 Transparency Report kick-started a procession of outcries in media land, accusing agencies of operating a system of rebates and kickbacks that worked against brand clients by hiding substandard effectiveness, leading to ad-tech vendors also being accused of obfuscating “ad-tech tax” fees siphoned away from real advertising spend. […]