A few years after the technology began its surge, artificial intelligence continues being talked about in advertising and marketing circles.

But, beyond the abstract, understanding for how AI can help real use cases tends to remain spartan.

So, what can AI really do for P&L? In this video interview with Beet.TV, Manish Mittal, SVP of predictive analytics vendor Course5, explains how it works.

“(With AI), we are analysing a lot of work which has already happened in past – a lot of creative which has been designed, which has been launched in the marketplace, he says. “The system is breaking that video into micro frames. For each frame, the system is able to identify the scene variable and the emotional variable.

“Assume a 30-second ad broken down into a hundred frames. For each frame, it is able to identify what has gone behind in that particular ad. Then (it is) mapping that with some kind of (observed) in-market performance – either in the digital space or in the sales space – in terms of how the consumer responded to that.

“If I accumulated that at a meta level – thousands of such ads and with so much of learning around those campaign – the system is in a great position to then help corporate identify that… what in your brand and creative has been working and what it has not been working?”

Essentially, mapping historic emotional responses to fragments of previous ad campaigns could allow creators of new ones to better determine the right triggers for the right scene at the right time.

That, says Mittal, course elucidate the “likely success” of a media plan.

Course5 offers insight and analytics products and services available, infused with AI algorithms.

It was able to tell one brand that its historic use of celebrities in marketing campaigns was not moving the needle, showing how other factors – like scenery and color combination – had an impact. The brand no longer uses celebrities.

This video is part of a series of interviews conducted during Advertising Week New York, 2019.  This series is co-production of Beet.TV and Advertising Week.   The series is sponsored by Roundel, a Target company.  Please see more videos from Advertising Week right here