Put aside your competition and come together to create solutions that benefit everyone.

That was the clarion call from an ad-tech exec enjoying the sunshine at the Cannes Lions advertising industry gathering.

“Everybody sees kind of this moment in time, where we can really embrace converged strategies,” says Philip Smolin, Amobee chief strategy officer, in this video interview with Beet.TV.

“But, in order to do it, we have to have standards, we have to have scalability in those solutions.”

Smolin was speaking after a couple of years in which acquired two other major ad-tech suppliers – Turn and Videology – in a further sign of industry consolidation.

The Videology acquisition last summer meant Amobee became a major player in the TV and video ad ecosystem.

“It’s not about just creating competitive advantage, it’s about creating solutions at an industry level. It’s a complex industry, but we do have a path forward to really being able to simplify it and make it scalable, so that it works in both the buy and the sell side.”

Amobee is a software-as-a-service vendor which helps ad buyers plan, activate, optimize and analyze their media spending, and which helps programmers control how they package up their inventory for sale, including to work with buyers’ first-party data.

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