In the age of connected television, Connect All Fronts is MediaMath’s way to draw a focus on “a vision of the future” and its perceived role of uniting brands and consumers.

Connect All Fronts is the name of the conference MediaMath, founded in 2007 as an early programmatic pioneer, recently hosted to connect the various partners that are key to that vision.

“We know the goals of our clients. They’re looking to reach the people they that care about, they need to do it in a way that the people at the other end of the screens appreciate,” MediaMath Founder & CEO Joe Zawadzki says in this Beet.TV. interview.

He refers to the “technical plumbing” that integrates “a variety of standards with a variety of specifications and provide the normalization layer.” His longer explanation: “The bridge between the thousands of players that are necessary to make all this stuff happen across media technology and data partners and be able to translate those into the goals that Fortune 2000 marketers and their agencies across the world are looking to achieve.”

At the center of things is the question “Can we bring the community together?” If so, Zawadzki envisions a future that is “non zero-sum, where we’re creating value together because people think of this as a world of sides and it’s not. Good marketing makes consumers happy, good marketing makes companies happy.”

He believes it must be done in a way “that respects and rewards the ecosystem that connects them in a way that encourages people to do it again tomorrow and do more of it. This is a shared relationship, and if we can satisfy everybody in this process you can really produce a better marketing future.”

This video was recorded at the MediaMath Connect All Fronts industry conference in Manhattan. The series is sponsored by MediaMath. For more videos please visit this page.