As identity resolution migrates from digital media to various forms of television, there are gaps to close as turf wars abound, says 4INFO’s Mari Tangredi. The end goal is to bring “some of the things that people have gotten used to in digital forward into the TV space. We’re bridging that gap between them.”

From a tactical standpoint, getting marketing data into mobile ad ID’s, IP addresses and connected TV ID’s will deliver “that targeting and measurement capability that you saw in digital into the TV space and then bridge the two to get at the cross-screen mechanism,” the SVP & GM, Audience Solutions, says in this interview at this week’s Beet.TV leadership forum titled Identity in Focus: Understanding the Cross-Screen Consumer in a Fragmented World.

Asked by interviewer Ashley J. Swartz, CEO of Furious Corp., if a TV identity graph applies only to advanced, IP distribution platforms versus traditional linear TV buying that extends through additional platforms, Tangredi cites the creation of a universal ID.

That ID says “it’s this household with this persona who’s watching on a regular TV, a mobile device, maybe their desktop, maybe a PlayStation or a gaming console. So it’s creating that linkage.

“Think of it as linkage of bringing that altogether and hitting that person based on where they choose to watch,” Tangredi adds.

Swartz also wanted to know whether a tipping point where identity graphs drive more planning decisions will be driven by traditional TV buyers “expanding their skillsets and being curious and seeking to learn more” or by digital folks playing a more active role in television. “I think there’s a little bit of a turf war going on for that right now,” says Tangredi. “Certain TV companies or organizations will come out on top and certain digital folks will come out on top. But there definitely is a turf war right there right now.

“Which is good. It creates that desire to move things along faster.”

This video was produced in New York City at Identity in Focus: Understanding the Cross-Screen Consumer in a Fragmented World, a Beet.TV Leadership Forum, presented by 4INFO and hosted by Viacom. For more videos from the series, please visit this page.