At CES 2019 and then through the television Upfront season, advanced TV will be discussed and executed on a more significant scale than ever, according to 360i Chief Media Officer Doug Rozen.

“That’s because there’s not only the interest but the capability and also the audience. This will be the first time as we go into the video season that you have those things together,” Rozen says in this interview with Beet.TV.

He separates advanced TV into three buckets, beginning with its increasingly programmatic nature for automated buying.

“We’re really excited about the programmatic television, and that scale is growing ridiculously fast. We’re able to do more and more today to address more individuals than ever before,” says Rozen.

The world of smart TV sets occupies Rozen’s second bucket. He cites a “cacophony of partners and players” that are providing technologies and platforms that enable IP targeting, tracking co-viewing and listening and understanding what’s being displayed.

All of this information can be used to retarget viewers or for “individualized household delivery of nuanced creative because I know who you are versus somebody else,” Rozen says.

Third is OTT disruption of the traditional linear broadcast TV model and the advanced advertising opportunities created along the way.

Prior to joining 360i this summer, Rozen was at OMD, where he drove all digital and innovation activities, including Ignition Factory (trend spotting), Zero Code (gaming and virtual reality) and OMD’s mobile and social divisions. Now he’s helping to scale the media capabilities of the agency that has a deep heritage in search and now integrates creative and media capabilities.

Clients, says Rozen, are trying to understand the shift from such historical TV measures as reach and frequency with GRP’s in mind to being able to correlate ad impressions with sales. Historical comparisons of reach and frequency must yield to used advanced identity tools and media selection “and then be able to attribute that to a direct sale.”

While 360i’s roots are in performance, “We have been driving very quickly beyond that to be a full-service agency, which is refreshing, exciting and certainly I think ripe for where the market’s going as media and creative really need to be tied together more closely,” Rozen says.

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