Rome wasn’t built in a day, and SBS‘ addressable advertising technology wasn’t deployed that quickly either.

But, now that the Belgian TV network broadcaster has rolled out its offering to help advertisers target individual viewers, it is finding it can make more money from more advertisers.

SBS Smart AD ad

“We can sell it much more expensively than we normally sell advertising,” says SBS CEO Peter Quaghebeur in this video interview with Beet.TV. “We sell it three to four times as expensive because it’s really targeted so it’s very valuable data, very valuable advertising for the company or for the advertiser who wants to use it.”

SBS operates channels Four, Vijf, ZES, Discovery, TLC, njam!, Play Sports and NRJ. Its addressable offering is available to FOUR, Vijf, ZES and Discovery, using more than a hundred categories of viewer profile data.

Back in 2016, it tested offering addressable ads through the LibertyGlobal-owned Telenet pay-TV platform, using INVIDI technology.

“We started with the addressable TV three years ago on the technological side,” Quaghebeur remembers. “Commercially, we only launched a year ago so it took a lot of time to get it really up and running to have it state of the art.”

Quaghebeur says SBS can replace standard linear ads with targeted ones for a percentage of viewers in the target group.

“You have the advantages of the digital media with the efficiency of TV that can combine which is really a big plus in the world of today.”

This interview was conducted at the EGTA New York meetings hosted by Viacom.   EGTA, the Brussels-based trade association of international television companies, is the sponsor of this Beet.TV series. For more videos, please visit this page