National Broadcasters Struggle For Global Reach: Spain’s Atresmedia’s Medina

It is a problem faced by many broadcasters around the world – do they want to be a distributor of programming in order to build an ad or subscription business, or do they want to produce shows they can syndicate to other platforms? An already-healthy global acquisition market is now buoyed further by the emergence […]


How Dutch Public Broadcaster Cleaned Up Ad Sales: Ster’s Volmer

Across the TV world, many broadcasters have historically operated a number of different ad pricepoints, charging more or less depending on the volume of commitment from ad buyers. But what if, after two years of international outcry over the way that media are sold, you went in the opposite direction? What if, incentivising a bigger […]


TV Delivers On Both Sides Of The Funnel: ARD-Werbung’s Isenbart

Digital is in the ascendancy and traditional media are “dying” – that has been the stock industry narrative for the last few years. But Jan Isenbart isn’t buying it, and he says the TV industry needs to start telling a more confident, more truthful story that communicates the real picture. “In the last years we’ve […]


TV Is Having A Renaissance In Sweden: TV4’s Häger

The credits are not ready to roll just yet. In fact, by staking out its unique value and by tweaking the way it sells advertising, television could yet retain its historic leading edge amongst marketers. That is what the Swedish TV network TV4 has done, and TV4 sales director Malin Häger claims the company is reaping […]


Tech Giants Are Gobbling Up TV Ads: Think TV’s Baehr

Traditional media folk often look enviously at the likes of Google, Facebook and Amazon – massive tech companies they see as disrupting and cannibalizing their advertising income. Even when it comes to marketing their own products and services, it  can seem like the giants have their own platforms through which to reach consumers. In fact, […]


Could Blockchain Track TV Content? IBM’s Rangaiah Thinks So

We already know that IBM is building a blockchain for media buying. But could the technology also help companies understand the truth and the reach of content? At Cannes Lions, IBM and Mediaocean announced “a blockchain consortium for the digital media supply chain,” along with Unilever, Kellogg and Kimberly-Clark. A blockchain is a public, distributed, […]


Addressable Ads Sell in Belgium At Up To 4x Standard Rates: SBS’ Quaghebeur

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and SBS‘ addressable advertising technology wasn’t deployed that quickly either. But, now that the Belgian TV network broadcaster has rolled out its offering to help advertisers target individual viewers, it is finding it can make more money from more advertisers. “We can sell it much more expensively than we […]


UK Broadcasters Coming Together For Addressable TV: Channel 4’s Salmon

It is now a decade since UK competition authorities prohibited Project Kangaroo, a proposed, Hulu-style video-on-demand service in which three UK broadcasters would offer their content through the same ad-supported platform. So the intervening decade has seen individual broadcasters double-down on their own-brand viewing platforms. In the case of Channel 4, the ad-funded public service […]


Australia Is Going Addressable, Too: Think TV’s Portrate

Each holiday season, people look forward to presents, spending time with family or good food. Kim Portrate is looking forward to a big industry milestone. “We’ve got about 50% penetration of connected TVs – or we will have that sort of by Christmas in Australia,” says Portrate, CEO of Think TV, an association advocating for the […]


Addressable TV Strategy Varies By Country: Viacom’s Kurz

The newest technology to get TV people excited is “addressability”, the practice through which internet-connected TV devices allow for granular targeting of individual audiences. That would move the world beyond the old system of selling ads against shows, to one in which advertisers buy actual audience members. But getting there globally may not be straightforward […]


For Brands, TV Is The Place To Be: EGTA’s Roberfroid

The biggest mass medium of them all is facing its challenges – but television remains the best way marketers can build a brand. That was the view of EGTA, a trade body representing European broadcasters’ advertising sales units, as it took its members on a study trip to meet US peers in New York. “If […]


CBC ‘Thinks Local, Acts Global’: GM Mongeau

When it has the world’s largest media market right at its border, how is a national broadcaster supposed to compete? For CBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, it is about thinking big. In this video interview with Beet.TV, CBC GM of revenues Jean Mongeau says he is turning on its head the traditional phrase, “think global, […]


TV Must Put Marketers In Charge: Simulmedia’s Morgan

When you run a mass medium like TV and the largest advertising channel in the world, you hold all the cards. At least, you used to. TV operators are familiar with setting the terms of the deals through which marketers get to buy air-time – even the very process which leads to deals getting done […]


TV Audience Targeting Develops in France: Canal+’s Mollier

It may be across an ocean, but the advertising challenges faced by main broadcasters in France are little different from those in the United States. In other words, operators are striving to upgrade their TV services with more digital targeting and reporting capabilities in order to satisfy ad buyers that have rapidly been turned on […]


RTL Building A European Union Of Video Ad Sales On Top Of SpotX

In a world of fragmentation, partisanship and increasing separation, there is an untold story of cooperation in the media business. Around the world, operators are coming together in partnership, seeking scale to fight common challenges. That is what Germany-based broadcast group RTL is doing with more than 400 partners. Its Adconnect unit is an ad […]


Digital Disruptors Turn To TV For Extra Lift: VAB’s Cunningham

If you take digital-native brands like Airbnb, Uber and Wayfair, it is a given that each of them has pretty significant digital marketing budget. But, when each needs a further lift, they turn to television. That is according to an analysis of a group of 80 “digital disruptors” by the Video Advertising Bureau, an industry […]