ORLANDO — Once upon a time, a marketer spending millions on a TV campaign had to wait until its conclusion before digesting the results and tweaking the mix on the next buy.

But A+E Networks is now letting ad buyers recalibrate the mix mid-campaign.

The TV channel operator earlier this year began offering performance-based guarantees for some of its ad spots – that is, ensuring, with appropriate attribution, ad spend would only be tied to certain provable business outcomes for the advertiser.

Now it is adding in mid-campaign optimization, too. In this video interview with Beet.TV, A+E Director, Precision & Strategic Audience Sales Roseann Montenes explains why.

“Every single marketer is essentially challenged with the declining ratings,” she says. “They’re challenged every day to be more innovative but also make the dollars that they’re spending within media work so much harder.”

TV is changing. What was once considered a top-of-funnel medium for building brand awareness but which could do precious little to secure an actual sale is evolving to do just that.

That is thanks to a mix of new targeting capabilities, but also full-funnel attribution technology, which allows publishers and marketers to log when a consumer has seen an ad, and track it all the way through to any subsequent purchase.

“Every single client attribution is tied back to a business outcome,”Montenes adds. “So, for every client that we have come to us, the main KPI is to be able to show that a dollar is working so much harder for them than it traditionally does through a regular linear buy.”

This series “Growing Brands and Driving Results,” was produced at the ANA Masters in Marketing ’18 conference in Orlando. The series is sponsored by the FreeWheel Council for Premium Video. Please find additional coverage here.