To compete with digital video giants, TV operator DISH has adopted the mantra of offering easier and faster advertising buys driven by programmatic technology as it seeks to unite DISH and Sling TV inventory.

“The business is changing so fast and there’s so many different opportunities and solutions out there that are going in so many different ways,” says Adam Lowy, Director of Advanced TV & Digital Sales at DISH Media Sales.

As an operator, “There are much more resources and much more technologies and opportunities at our company to help grow the advanced advertising space,” Lowy adds in this interview with Beet.TV. “And I think that’s helping us to be able to put more resources, more effort, coming out with more products faster, quicker, stronger for the marketplace.”

He calls opportunities like programmatic “becoming hugely important and a huge growth business” that makes it “easier, faster and stronger for the buying community to go ahead and buy addressable.”

DISH has put programmatic and addressable together for buying contextually or addressably. In May, DISH announced that it had partnered with SpotX to create addressable data segments representing anonymous viewers of Sling TV. The segments involved included would-be-vacationers, auto intenders and back to school shoppers.

“Programmatic for us was just an easy, simple way for us to take the next step into advertising and to go ahead and put those automated needs in. It’s working with an SSP and going ahead and exposing our inventory and working with all the demand side platforms to go ahead and get into Sling TV,” says Lowy.

“It’s been a huge growth for us and what we’re looking at next is putting platforms together as we have our own programmatic business, we essentially act as the SSP on the DISH business. And we’re looking at putting those together to have one complete opportunity to buy our audience and to buy contextually across DISH and Sling programmatically through the simple easy turnkey approach.”

This video is part of the Beet.TV series titled Targeting Today’s TV Viewer sponsored by DISH Media Sales. It is published along with this DISH Media Sales Straightforward Guide in ADWEEK. For more videos from the series, please visit this page.