Fairly soon, few if any media companies will know more about female consumers than Meredith Corporation in the wake of its purchase of Time Inc.’s publishing assets and the accompanying trove of user data.

“We’re working hard to combine and collect that across all of our properties, all platforms, and have one unified identity database that we can use in a variety of ways,” says Meredith’s Chief Digital Officer, Matt Minoff.

“We collect a wide variety of data across all of our assets,” Minoff says in this interview with Beet.TV.

Those assets include magazines, “understanding who our subscribers are and all the different titles that they subscribe to.”

America’s largest magazine publisher maintains a digital database that encompasses both implicit and explicit data. This includes what type of content people consume “and what data points have they given us, whether that’s their email address or some information about them that helps inform our understanding of what their interests are.”

Minoff says the unified identity database will yield three primary outcomes:

• “The first is the ability to drive insights, to understand what are people interested in, which informs our editorial strategy as well as our product strategy.”

• Second is “to improve our targeting capabilities for our advertising clients, to help improve the return on ad spend by leveraging that data to improve targeting.”

• Third is personalization. “To create a better consumer experience using all the data and knowledge we have about a consumer to surface things to them that we believe they will be interested in.”

This video is part of a series titled The Road to the Digital Content NewFronts. It is a preview of topics to be explored at IAB’s NewFronts, which begin on April 30. This series is presented by Meredith Corporation. For more videos from the series, please visit this page.