NEW YORK – While there’s always been a research component of creative agencies, what’s different now is the availability of identity based data. It enables brands to “travel with an individual and understand how they live and what motivates them throughout their day to consume different brands,” says Sharona Sankar King, EVP, Head of Marketing Science at BBDO.

“We’re able to stich together a profile that’s not a static view of you. It’s a very dynamic way of looking at your life,” she adds in this interview with Beet.TV at the 4A’s Data Summit.

Agile data platforms yield not just one big audience but “multiple, different audiences that are scaled in size that allow us to know that its big enough that it’s actually going to move your business.” The goal is to find “an own-able, distinctive and very authentic place to engage with you.”

King believes there is a place for dynamic creative optimization but not as a one-size-fits-all solution. “It’s a great place to test with different audiences what’s actually not only going to resonate with them but get them to drive to action.”

When technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence become more advanced, agencies will be building a lot more dynamic and programmatic experiences for people.

“We’re not going to just be delivering ads,” says King. “We’re going to be delivering whole experiences that surround the consumer that they’re going to want to engage in because they’re so enjoyable.”

Part of the enjoyment will be ads that resonate on an emotional level. “They give them a sense of you’re with them. Which is where we really want to be with our brands versus talking at people and not really knowing who they are.”

This video was produced at the 4A’s Data Summit in New York. Please find other videos produced at the conference here.