Alphonso SVP T.S. Kelly Explains The Three Phases Of TV Ad Campaign Attribution

NEW YORK – With brands waiting for attribution of their television ad effectiveness, it used to be a case of wanting it “as quickly as possible.” Now it’s “immediately as possible,” according to Alphonso’s T.S. Kelly. “They want to see that every minute of the day, every hour of the day, every day of the […]


How Data Drive Creatives, Why Ecosystem Cleanup Will Impact Inventory: Shenan Reed Of Publicis Groupe

NEW YORK – Media agencies don’t have a lock on consumer data that informs their clients’ ad campaigns. And that’s a good thing to Shenan Reed, President & Chief Client Officer at Publicis Groupe. “It is fascinating to me that the creative agencies really want to have access to the data, and as media agencies […]


Identity Data Yields A ‘Very Dynamic Way’ Of Viewing Consumers: BBDO EVP Sharona Sankar King

NEW YORK – While there’s always been a research component of creative agencies, what’s different now is the availability of identity based data. It enables brands to “travel with an individual and understand how they live and what motivates them throughout their day to consume different brands,” says Sharona Sankar King, EVP, Head of Marketing […]


Making Marketing More Relevant, Cleaning Up Digital Hygiene: Bank Of America’s Lou Paskalis

NEW YORK – Marketing needs to become more relevant to corporate business outcomes, while the digital walled gardens suffering from hygiene issues need to clean up their act, according to Bank of America’s Lou Paskalis. For starters, agencies need to perform a basic assessment for their clients and not avoid tough challenges, Paskalis, who is SVP, […]