A year ago, a big challenge for providers of addressable TV ad solutions was the industry’s ability to understand the value exchange compared with mass, linear TV spots. “I don’t think that’s the case anymore,” says Mike Bologna, President of one2one Media.

Now the big issue is “consistency,” Bologna says in this interview with Beet.TV.

“Addressability is still very much a system-by-system product. And the advertiser wants scale. So in order to really give them that scale, the various systems and products need to be stitched together and presented as one.”

Bologna will be one of more than three dozen featured speakers at next week’s Beet Retreat Miami, where industry executives will gather to discuss the coming of age of targeted TV advertising.

The scale of addressable linear TV is another longtime industry talking point. Now Bologna says it’s no longer an issue because by the middle of 2018, there will be in excess of 70 million households capable of being targeted with addressable ads. “That’s huge. So scale isn’t a problem.”

Inventory is a different story, being limited as it is to the two minutes of local time made available for addressable campaigns.

“There’s a lot of discussions going on now about once we’ve utilized all of the two minutes per hour that we’re currently working with now for inventory that there will be some national inventory involved,” says Bologna.

Last spring, one2one Media set out to leverage an integrated set of systems and technology to drive efficiency and yield by automating workflows and providing a unified reporting approach for addressable video. It also works with skinny bundle pioneer Sling TV, which like other OTT providers is expanding the pool of targeted TV avails.

“The beauty of Sling, because of the way it’s technologically set up, is it has the ability to deliver real time addressability in the forms of both targeting and attribution,” Bologna says. ““So the addition of Sling to the addressable pool is actually a very good thing and something we’re excited to expand in.”

The flip side to OTT generating more ad inventory is fragmentation, according to Bologna, something that one2one Media has set out to alleviate.

“I can’t say I’m terribly upset about it,” he says of fragmentation.

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