For a business that moves so quickly these days, some things sure do go slowly. Case in point – AppNexus’ rebooted demand-side platform (DSP).

A whopping four years in the making, the ad-tech company finally unveiled the “AppNexus Programmable Platform” (APP) this week. But, in this video interview with Beet.TV, CEO Brian O’Kelley says he thinks APP will be worth the wait.

APP introducing machine learning – currently the buzz-phrase du jour in the ad-tech industry, but one which O’Kelley thinks will help ad buyers automate more of the process than ever before.

“Traders will save a bunch of time,” he says. “Over the next year, we’ll migrate all of our current customers to this new platform and we think that they’ll see significantly better results.”

That may be true. Speaking with Business Insider, a Xaxis executive who has been testing AppNexu’s new APP says large advertisers tens of millions of dollars programmatically will now be able to bid at the right price on the right slot.

APP also sees AppNexus now competing more squarely in the video space with the likes of DoubleClick, Comcast and SpotX.

In France, Lagardère already uses AppNexus for ad serving to its IPTV properties.

“(In) the new APP, we can actually buy all of this really high-quality connected and OTT and other premium video (inventory). There’s no doubt that the video space is going to be programmatic.”

This interview took place at the AppNexus customer summit in New York this week.