It is now two years since Sling TV was launched by DISH – enough time for the pair’s journey down the advanced TV ad sales road to go pretty far.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, DISH’s advanced TV ad sales director Adam Lowy explains how DISH began the journey, and where it stands today.

Lowy describes four phases in the evolution of the companies’ roll-out:

  1. “About a year, year-and-a half ago, it was really about education. (Customers would ask:) ‘What is over-the-top?’ (We would say:) ‘This is the type of consumer it is, they’re tech-savvy, they’re young, they’re socially active.’
  2. “Then we became more into the phase of, ‘Okay here’s how you buy us, here’s dynamic insertion, here’s how it works.'”
  3. “We then morphed into the phase of our sales methods and tactics started to come out and that is programmatic, that is addressable, cross-platform addressable, programmatic addressable.”
  4. “Now as you’re saying, there’s competitors out in the space and we’re now in more of the competitive phase of the business, which is very healthy and very strong.”

DISH’s sales teams are gaining IAB digital certification. Lowy says he wants to consolidate the businesses in to one.

This video is part of series on developments with OTT. The series is presented by Sling TV and DISH Media Sales.  Please find more videos from the series here.  For the Sling/DISH report on OTT and the marketplace, download this report.