Long lauded as the exemplar of ad retargeting, veteran ad-tech outfit Criteo is still investing in building out its product suite farther.

This time, it is focused on personalising video ads and matching ad data with brands’ own customer data.

Criteo already announced its Criteo Commerce Marketing Ecosystem back in the summer, a network of tens of thousands of retailers, brands and publishers pooling anonymized consumer email addresses and CRM data plus purchase and online behavior data.

Now it is expanding the system with two additions:

  • Criteo Audience Match: Leverages audience IDs from Criteo’s Shopper Graph, it claims to be a new way for brands to re-engage customers with paid ad campaigns, premised on matching consumers whose identities are found in customer relationship management (CRM) platforms with that from advertising data management platforms (DMPs) in order to buy smarter.
  • Criteo Customer Acquisition: analyzes consumers’ historical behavioral data to create a profile of an ideal target, claiming to identify new customers matching a target profile, based on browsing patterns and shopping interests.

Meanwhile, Criteo is getting deeper in to video. Its Criteo Kinetic Design suite, geared toward personlizing the visual design of display ads, is being expanded to incorporate video.

Advertisers can get to dynamically create video ads on the fly, for the same goals Criteo customers are familiar with – re-engaging customers.

“We are not creating a new video from scratch, but there are some elements that are similar so what changes in the video is the music is going to personalized, the products we present are going to personalized,” says Criteo CEO Eric Eichmann in this video interview with Beet.TV.

Here is today’s announcement.