Europe’s GDPR Means Evolution, Not Revolution: Criteo’s CEO Eichmann

Europe’s looming new data protection rules, which strength consumer protections and will require data handlers and processors to gain explicit consent from users, are scaring a lot of businesses that hold data on people. But GDPR, whose final deadline comes on May 25, doesn’t have to be scary, and companies don’t have to look at […]


Criteo’s Eichmann Wants To Help Retailers Challenge Amazon

It is the Big Daddy of the ecommerce world and sometimes seemed to have dominated the consumer sales channel even for big brands. But Amazon is a force that can be competed against if retailers come together and get smarter with their data. That is according to one ad-tech chief hoping to leverage data scale […]


Ten Years Later, Criteo’s Eichmann Celebrates Scale

Most histories document a 2005 start date, but, to its current CEO, 2007 was the year Criteo really got going. Eric Eichmann’s milestone means the much-talked-about advertising technology company is now celebrating its tenth year. During that time, Criteo raised $250m from an IPO that valued it at $800m and courted attention for popularising the […]


Criteo Expands With Better Targeting, Dynamic Video Ads

Long lauded as the exemplar of ad retargeting, veteran ad-tech outfit Criteo is still investing in building out its product suite farther. This time, it is focused on personalising video ads and matching ad data with brands’ own customer data. Criteo already announced its Criteo Commerce Marketing Ecosystem back in the summer, a network of […]