COLOGNE — It is a latter-day addition for the ad-tech firm which helps create marketplaces and leverage data, but The Trade Desk is now full-swing focused on profiting from the over-the-top TV advertising opportunity.

Speaking with Beet.TV in this video interview, The Trade Desk inventory partnerships SVP Tim Sims explained the company’s thinking.

“One of the big growth areas we’re looking at in the future is connected television,” he said. “There’s a huge shift in the way that consumers consume long-form video content. The new TV audience is very interesting and compelling.

“If I (as a buyer) can extend that (marketing) conversation to the bigger screen in the living room through a connected device and address that audience at the household level and utilize my data as a marketer, that’s an extremely compelling offering and something we’re really focused on.

“It’s still very early days in connected television. There’s a lot of devices and applications.”

The Trade Desk’s website now lists connected TV as its primary product. The company has written that connected TV inventory needs to prove its scale, buyers deserve hybrid performance metrics and OTT viewers deserve a better ad experience, including fewer ads.

In February, the company said it wanted to target connected TV, Asia and mobile video as growth opportunities.

In August, The Trade Desk’s CEO told Business Insider: “We’ve seen the amount of inventory in connected TV ads jump 10x to 20s since last year.”

But the company has had to invest in building out its connected TV capabilities, which it now shows off on its website.

More on the company’s expansion in the connected TV space reported today in AdExchanger.

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