The TV Tipping Point: Trade Desk’s Doherty on Programmatic’s Breakthrough Year

Programmatically-traded TV ads are no longer just a theory – eMarketer estimated $21.52 billion out of a $25.09 billion US CTV ad spend were programmatic in at the end of 2023. As ad-founded CTV generally hits new heights, that means programmatic TV is entering a new era. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Will Doherty, VP, […]


Making Programmatic Normal In TV: The Trade Desk’s Richardson

SANTA MONICA — What does “programmatic” mean when it comes to television, and how likely is it to reach higher heights? The tech-mediated trading of digital ads first hit display with automation and auctions top of mind. But, in this video interview with Beet.TV, Jake Richardson, Director, TV Partnerships, The Trade Desk, says that can’t […]


Netflix Ads & Digital Competition Are Shaking-Up Ad Industry Dynamics: Trade Desk’s Richardson

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — For a decade, this fast-moving industry was relatively stable. Now new entrants, new business models and new regulatory considerations are changing the game for how advertisers can meet their audiences. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Jake Richardson, Director, TV Partnerships, The Trade Desk, explains how he sees recent shifts ushering-in […]


UID 2.0 Supports TV’s Next-Gen Sports Play: The Trade Desk’s Gangwar

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – As the season of spring rises, many in the media industry are hoping for a fresh start. One of the leading post-cookie targeting candidates is brewing a new version. Media owners are pondering building a streaming business on live sports, just as they did with linear. At the apex of these, […]


CTV & Open Internet Can Thrive In New World Of Identity: Trade Desk’s Foyle

In this year’s US upfront ad sales season, ad buyers are pushing content owners to be able to give them automation and to limit the frequency with which viewers are exposed to their ads across different screen types. With that challenge, it may seem like the ongoing limits being placed on digital user identifiers would […]


CTV Has Crossed The Linear Frontier: Trade Desk’s Sims

For so many years, ad buyers’ complaint was that the connected TV (CTV) ecosystem had too little inventory. Well, after an explosion of new services and a tsunami of viewer adoption, that has changed. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Tim Sims, chief revenue officer of The Trade Desk, says CTV has crossed the threshold. […]


Trade Desk’s Forbes Calls For Unified UK TV Metrics

COLOGNE — Brands’ demand to buy TV ads on connected TV sets with new targeting capabilities is growing and bringing new kinds of advertisers in to the market – but the powers that be must come together to capitalize on the opportunity. That is the call from one of the leading advertising demand-side platforms, when […]


TradeDesk’s Crumbling On The Power Of Addressable TV

When demand-side ad platform The TradeDesk branched out its business offering last year, it was described as “betting its future on the future of TV“. Fast-forward a year, and The Trade Desk is also helping Sling sell its OTT digital TV inventory through its DSP. In this video interview with Beet.TV, The TradeDesk TV strategy and partnerships […]


The Trade Desk’s Sims On Video Explosion & Agencies’ Role

SAN FRANCISCO — Brands are rushing to spend on advertising in connected TV platforms – and agencies remain important to helping them do so. That is the view of one of the leading ad-tech platforms helping to inject ever-more video in to its historic programmatic operations. “Connected television spend on our platform from Q4 2016 […]


Oracle Data Cloud’s Daniel Harrison On The Quest For Holistic Digital, TV Planning And Activation

MIAMI – It’s hard to think of a company that has ramped up more data prowess than Oracle Data Cloud. But even with companies like BluKai, Datalogix, AddThis, Crosswise and Moat under its wing, achieving unified cross-screen audience measurement isn’t going to be a cake walk. “That is certainly one of the objectives for us […]


‘An Explosion’ Of Ad Inventory In Connected, OTT-TV: The Trade Desk’s Brian Stempeck

With three out of four Americans watching streaming video content, connected and over-the-top viewing has advanced beyond the test stage. Now big advertising dollars are starting to follow their migration from linear TV. “This is late mainstream for consumers,” says Brian Stempeck, Chief Client Officer at The Trade Desk, the demand-side platform. Similar to when […]


The Trade Desk Switches On Connected TV

COLOGNE — It is a latter-day addition for the ad-tech firm which helps create marketplaces and leverage data, but The Trade Desk is now full-swing focused on profiting from the over-the-top TV advertising opportunity. Speaking with Beet.TV in this video interview, The Trade Desk inventory partnerships SVP Tim Sims explained the company’s thinking. “One of the […]


Ad Auctions Mean Better Returns For Video Publishers: Trade Desk’s Stempeck

When programmatic burst on to the scene, it was mainly in the guise of real-time bidding, an auction system for remnant and low-value inventory that has since fallen out of favour with many big publishers. But, though those publishers seek higher prices normally transacted through direct or human-sold deals with advertisers, auctions are still super-relevant […]


Brands Still Need Their Agencies in a Programmatic World: Trade Desk’s Stempeck

Do advertisers need agencies anymore? As programmatic ad buying platforms have risen up and as many are now switching to a self-service online model that allows advertisers to control their own campaigns, many in the industry are wondering: is the agency about to be disintermediated? But, while brands are certainly now putting a hand on […]


The Double-Edged Sword Of Header Bidding, explains The Trade Desk’s Stempeck

In the last year and a half, yet another new tech terminology has popped up in digital advertising, as platforms try to fix and enhance some of the wonkier off-shoots that programmatic has wrought. In “header bidding”, rather than publishers entertain bids from multiple bidding sources in a “waterfall” sequence, they can see them all […]


OTT Most Exciting Part Of Programmatic TV: Trade Desk’s Sims

SEVILLE — Dozens of ad-tech vendors are gathering around the $70bn+ US TV advertising industry like bees to a honey pot, hoping to enable even a tiny fraction of those ad buys on TV’s journey to a promised programmatic future. But we’re not there yet. That’s why, when Tim Sims imagines the spectrum of things […]


The Trade Desk Adding Self-Serve Programmatic TV Ad Buying

FORT LAUDERDALE — The company has lately been placing high on lists of the best places to work and the fastest-growing companies in America. Now Trade Desk advanced TV sales director Matt Mitchell tells Beet.TV in this video interview: “We are very close to releasing a self-service UI for executing programmatic TV buys. “We’re using a number of data sources […]


The Trade Desk’s Stempeck Talks TV Ad Targeting

TV may not yet be fully addressable to advertisers in the same way the internet is, but that isn’t stopping a collection of platform operators and ad tech vendors from trying to make it a reality. The Trade Desk, a demand-side advertising platform, is working to bring more ad targeting to Roku, the connected TV […]


Programmatic Display Is Dress Rehearsal For Video: Trade Desk’s Green

COLOGNE — Static display banners may have been the first ad format to undergo the “programmatic” ad-trading revolution – but the spending there will be dwarfed by video’s adoption of the techniques, says one exec working in the field. “Display is essentially the dress rehearsal. Television and video is where all the money is at,” buy-side […]