Retailers and ecommerce companies have joined verticals like high-end fashion and luxury in embracing programmatic digital advertising buys, increasingly attracted by audience guarantees. “Ecommerce has definitely grown into a major business,” says The New York Times Director of Programmatic Advertising, Sara Badler.

Under Badler’s direction, the Times is making a major push to expand its programmatic ad offerings across Europe, Latin America and Asia-Pacific, as Digiday reports. In this interview with Beet.TV, she explains what ecommerce advertisers are looking for and how private marketplace deals are meeting their needs.

Ecommerce will be a particular focus of attention at the DMEXCO 2017 advertising and media trade show scheduled for Sept. 13 and 14 in Cologne, Germany.

“Ecommerce is everywhere,” Badler observes. As a global publisher, “we have inventory everywhere. So it’s a way for us to work globally with a lot of marketers.”

Like other verticals, retailers know their audiences well and have been moving into various types of programmatic ad buying, according to Badler. And they find audience guarantees a welcome option when doing private marketplace deals.

“When you set up a private marketplace deal, you’re doing a one-to-one. The client saying ‘this is exactly who I want’ and knowing exactly what inventory they’re getting, and layering on the data and hope that’s the person. Now you can actually do that ahead of time and guarantee that inventory.”

“Welcome to the Vibrant Future,” a video series of thought leadership from DMEXCO 2017 presented by Criteo.   For more videos please visit this page.