The complete cross-platform view of audiences’ consumption may not be fully in place today, but the industry is getting there, says a Nielsen executive responding to concern from a leading programmer.

Speaking with Beet.TV, Disney-ABC Television Group’s multiplatform research director Brian West had said the current state of multiplatform measurement was not good enough, and looked like taking a decade to reach completeness.

In this video interview, Nielsen product leadership SVP Jessica Hogue responds.

“It’s absolutely a fair call out,” she says. “There’s continued work to do there, it’s not standardised that everyone is in that measurement framework today. But it’s possible, we have the tools to do it.”

But Hogue says Nielsen has already spent the last few years working hard to give programmers and advertisers what they need.

She counters that Nielsen has expanded its TV measurement to new viewing options, including bundling census-level measurement. And she says Digital Ad Ratings now incorporated views of mobile and over-the-top (OTT) consumption.

“We have built a framework that allows for the flexibility, so we’re going to continue to evolve,” Hogue adds. “There will be new features.”

“Programmers want more. There’s always going to be work to do. It keeps us all employed.”

We interviewed West at the Cynopsis Measurement and Data Summit in New York earlier this month.