Digital media have become infinitely trackable. But what if you want to track a consumer from a web property to a bricks-and-mortar one? And what if you want to figure out whether an online ad buy really motivated an in-store purchase?

These days, that kind of digital-to-physical attribution is totally achievable, and agency Mediacom is amongst those taking advantage of technology that uses mobile phones to follow consumers right up to the cash register.

“We’ve been working with tracking technology companies like Foursquare to allow us to tie back everything we do across channel and in content, back to traffic within stores, and then making those linkages to sales,” MediaCom advanced analytics managing partner Rachel Brook tells Beet.TV in this video interview.

“When we go out of in commerce to in-store, we have the opportunity to find the individual … It’s an opportunity to act.

“We’re working with a couple of different location partners to really understand what best practice there looks like, and how we need to develop an implementation and execution process.”

A number of tech vendors are in the marketplace offering location data, much of it embedded in apps like Foursquare’s or in served ads that reside in other apps, to indicate where in the world a customer is.

Linking that location data back to a unified profile of a consumer who may have seen a prior ad gives brands the ability to close the loop on figuring out ad effectiveness and return on investment.

Next up, Brook says she is targeting new data partners and machine learning capabilities for Mediacom’s toolset.

This interview was held at the Cynopsis Measurement and Data Summit in New York earlier this month.