Marketers all around the globe face three basic, common challenges, according to longtime advertising executive Rishad Tobaccowala. They are reigniting growth, engaging with consumers and finding the right organizational structure that can facilitate the first two.

“For most countries, the number one thing that clients are looking for is how do they grow again. So there’s a growth issue,” Tobaccowala says in this interview with Beet.TV during the 2017 Digital Content NewFronts. “The second one in the world of marketing is how do they engage with people in a world where a lot of interruptive ways of engaging are becoming less and less relevant.”

Third: “Do they have the right organizational design?”

Asked for his takeaways from the NewFronts presentations, the Strategy & Growth Officer at Publicis Group opines that “creativity continues to matter,” there’s a “whole bunch of new companies” that attendees need to pay attention to and what is supposed to be “dinosaur companies are not dinosaur companies. They’re coming alive again.”

While speaking of dinosaurs, Tobaccowala offers his take on the video created by NewFronts founder Digitas in which the pairing of a cave man and an astronaut symbolizes the need for both instinct and science in today’s marketing world.

“A lot of people say only the story matters, but so does who sees the story, when they see it and why they see it and that’s where the data comes in,” he says.

It’s all about yin and yang, which makes Tobaccowala “a big believer that it’s actually art plus science plus I think underlying technology that will be necessary to enable both.”

This video is part of Beet.TV’s coverage of the IAB’s Digital Content NewFronts 2017. The series is sponsored by the IAB. For more videos from the #NewFronts, please visit this page.