Analyzing the impact of video advertising reveals not only incremental lift in offline store visits but also the vast difference in quality of inventory from one programmatic exchange to another. These are just two of the takeaways that emerged during a panel discussion by industry professionals at the recent Beet.TV Leadership Summit titled Outcomes, presented by video marketing technology provider Eyeview.

David Shim, Founder & CEO of Placed, which specializes in ad-to-store attribution, shared the results of an analysis Placed did for a large client in an undisclosed business category. The client wanted to know the difference in incremental lift between 15- and 30-second spots.

With one impression, both versions provided lift. But beyond five impressions, the 15-second spots continued to show lift for each incremental impression that was added while the 30-second spot flat-lined, according to Shim.

“That actually gave them ammunition to go out and say what are the spots we’re going to go after,” Shim said. The client decided not to stop doing 30-second spots “because it does help us tell a better story,” Shim explained. “But the 15-second spots have a high amount of value that we do want more reach, we do want more frequency on that one, so they’re actually adjusting their spending.”

Asked by moderator Joanna O’Connell, Chief Marketing Officer at MediaMath, to define “lift,” Shim cited incremental store visits. “Being able to say not that I served you an ad, because if you see a Walmart ad, about 40% of the U.S. population is going to go to Walmart in a 30-day window,” Shim said. “You shouldn’t get credit for a 30-day conversion window to get all those people because you’re going to get 40% conversion rates.”

Such analyses become more difficult to accomplish with omni-channel advertising, particularly where addressable and linear television are involved. “Those aren’t things that you can hold out a cookie pool for,” Shim said. “It requires a little bit more effort to identify those exposed and unexposed groups and measure that lift.”

Nonetheless, advertisers “know they need to do it. They just need help to get that way,” he added.

Because some of Placed’s partners their inventory sources, it knows that with five different providers there can be a dropoff of lift of 70% from the best to the worst. “Just by optimizing on your inventory source alone you can immediately see gains,” Shim said.

This video is part of a Beet.TV leadership summit on video outcomes presented by Eyeview. For more videos from event, please visit this page.