As measuring the outcomes of digital video ad campaigns gets more sophisticated, what excites Placed’s David Shim is video as a direct-response channel. The same advances in measurement can only improve the performance of traditional linear television.

In this interview at the recent Beet.TV Leadership Summit titled Outcomes, presented by video marketing technology provider Eyeview, Shim offers his views on video and advanced TV as the industry moves beyond branding-only metrics.

“I’m excited about video becoming a DR channel,” says Shim, who founded Placed in 2011. “Being able to not just measure views, clicks and engagement but actually drive that into offline visitation.”

There are similarities in the shift from display to search, according to Shim. “I think you can see the same thing with video because the impact that it has and the ability it has to actually drive people into the physical store,” he says.

This is a consideration higher than someone clicking on an ad, visiting a site and purchasing something. As measurement techniques get better and better, video will emerge as a very strong player.

“Video is going that way, especially with partners like Eyeview to close that loop. It’s going to be incredibly huge because people are going to move dollars accordingly,” says Shim.

Asked by Joanna O’Connell, Chief Marketing Officer at MediaMath, to describe the state of advanced TV, Shim says the hard part is limited reach. Nonetheless, he sees more and more advertisers “jumping in and saying this is something I want to explore, this is something I want to test against.”

An attendant expectation will be improved targeting via linear TV. “I expect the market to continue to grow and measurement to continue to be important, but I expect it to also help change the way linear is approached,” Shim says.

When it comes to reach, there are parallels to the digital world. Asked to name the best platforms for brands, Shim points to those with the most scale. “If you’ve got a small set of users or reach it becomes difficult to optimize because you over optimize and the reach is diminished,” he says.

This video is part of a Beet.TV leadership summit on video outcomes presented by Eyeview. For more videos from event, please visit this page.