ORLANDO – After studying video consumption patterns, the FreeWheel Council for Premium Video has established a position on improving the consumer ad experience in three areas: proper frequency, customizing the ad experience and maximizing the diversity and quality of advertising creative.

“It’s really important for us to ensure that the ad experience and all of the workflow that goes into making sure that ads appear in the right way is done well,” James Rothwell, VP of Agency & Brand Relations at premium video company FreeWheel, says in an interview with Beet.TV.

The Council’s position derives from content consumption patterns showing how people interact with both content and ads. Says Rothwell, “Am I a sampler of content? do I come just to watch an individual show or am I a digital enthusiast basically watching all of my content through all this digital platforms?”

The first leg of the position is preventing ad fatigue from ads that are repeated too often. “It’s a challenge,” Rothwell notes. “The good news is the research we’ve done shows that most long-form and live content, those frequency caps are being adhered to.”

Between five and 11 percent of creative are being repeated over two times, “Which we think is an appropriate frequency per stream. But we know there’s still work to be done,” says Rothwell.

The second area of Council focus is customization of the ad experience based on content consumption. For example, how “snackers” differ from binge watchers.

“There are different ad experience models that our premium publishers are testing out right now to find the right balance between content and ads and ensure that they’re retaining and growing their audiences while meeting advertisers’ goals,” Rothwell says.

Finally, the Council wants to make sure that there is maximization of the diversity and quality of advertising creative. This includes making sure campaigns have “the right amount of creatives in every single format on a cross-screen execution, according to Rothwell. “We’re going to dive a little deeper into that in the future” via custom research, he says.

We interviewed him last month at the ANA Masters of Marketing summit.