Driven By Better Targeting, Political Spending On Local Cable Soars: FreeWheel’s Baer

ORLANDO—Driven by advances in data-driven targeting, political advertising on local cable television is soaring in advance of the mid-term elections. To FreeWheel’s Joy Baer, it’s a microcosm of what lies ahead for all advertisers. “Emotions are running high. The good news is spend is running very high as well,” already surpassing spending in the 2016 […]


FreeWheel Council: Frequency, Customization, Diverse Creative Key To Premium Video Ads

ORLANDO – After studying video consumption patterns, the FreeWheel Council for Premium Video has established a position on improving the consumer ad experience in three areas: proper frequency, customizing the ad experience and maximizing the diversity and quality of advertising creative. “It’s really important for us to ensure that the ad experience and all of […]


Influx Of Digital Media Forcing Rethink Of TV Targeting: TiVo’s Zamaniyan

ORLANDO, Florida – The biggest challenge for television advertising buyers and sellers is changing their mindsets and embracing new infrastructure. While it would have been much more difficult a decade ago, the infusion of digital into the TV space has made these changes unavoidable. This is how Fariba Zamaniyan surveys the TV landscape while attending […]


Georgia-Pacific Balances Emotion, Functionality In Marketing Mix

ORLANDO, Florida – In this purpose-driven marketing age, it’s only natural to sell toilet paper without showing or even talking about it. Instead, simply focus on things like grandparents, single moms and step parents. This is the path taken by Georgia-Pacific as part of its overall effort to portray women more accurately, according to CMO […]


Alliance For Family Entertainment’s Quinn Discusses New Gender Equality Metric

ORLANDO, Florida – After testing 4,000 television ads with its proprietary Gender Equality Metric, the Association of National Advertisers’ Alliance for Family Entertainment is giving marketers a toolkit for eliminating gender bias. It’s a move that AFE Chairman Stephen Quinn says is aimed in part at “unconscious bias” both in ads and the content in […]


SunTrust: Purpose-Driven Marketing To Help Reduce Financial Stress

ORLANDO, Florida – Offering to help people reduce stress “by doing some simple steps” sounds more like a pitch for yoga than financial services. “But in our sector, we know that stress around finances is a huge problem,” SunTrust SVP of Consumer Marketing Beth Ventura says. The purpose-driven theme that SunTrust dramatizes in its advertising […]