Together, they helped pioneer Cablevision’s approach to next-generation TV advertising. Now executives Kristin Dolan and Ben Tatta have left to form their own company providing set-top box data to marketers.

The move comes after Dolan’s Dolan Family Ventures acquired the existing Analytics Media Group (AMG), a data analytics firm with a background in politics, to immediately launch what Dolan is calling “605“.

That followed the acquisition of New York cable operator Cablevision by Europe’s Altice, leading Dolan and husband James Dolan, previously Cablevision’s CEO, to leave to form their venture investment vehicle AMG.

“Our experience in the industry tells us there are major gaps in audience measurement and television analytics in the current marketing and programming landscape,” Kristin Dolan, now CEO of 605, says in a launch press release.

“The acquisition of AMG and the subsequent launch of 605 immediately establishes a company with real scale, significant resources, profound analytic capabilities, extensive set-top box data and management experience.”

Earlier this year, at our Beet Retreat in Fort Lauderdale, Dolan told Beet.TV she was excited about dynamic ad insertion, which could apply not just to ads served from the cloud but also to shows already stored on DVRs.

Dolan will also be a keynote speaker at the upcoming Beet Retreat in Miami next week.