Straight from striking an important partnership with Group M’s advanced TV division MODI Media, video ad-tech outfit Innovid is aiming to buddy up with the Goliaths of the industry – whilst challenging some of their more myopic tendencies.

Innovid, which helps brands create, deliver and measure video ads for a range of 25 online TV platforms, was recently picked by MODI to power its over-the-top TV ad delivery and analytics.

“Video is everywhere,” CTO and co-founder Tal Chalozin tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “Our vision is to be the pipes that orchestrate everything and help the marketer deliver and understand what’s going on there. We’re working really hard to integrate in to every platform.

“Every platform has created a walled garden – Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Roku, YouTube – each and every one is a giant that would like to create their own world.

“We are complete media-netural, we’re not owned by any other media giant. All of those giants open their gate to us and allow us to integrate and act as the unbiased measurement company.”

Broadcast outfits like Comcast and RTL have invested in or acquired ad-tech vendors in the video and TV chain. But Chalozin seems to be championing Innovid’s independence.