LONDON — What differentiates prime from sub-prime advertising inventory? Different media platforms can charge for ads in different and unique ways – but, in the end, value all comes back to content, says one ad-tech exec.

“You may end up saying ‘my set-top box inventory is worth a lot more valuable than my IP inventory’,” says Thomas Bremond, EU MD of the video ad-tech vendor FreeWheel. “You are able to set different pricing mechanisms.”

But ad value is not just a factor determined by channel type. “It’s all about the quality of the content,” Bremond continues.

In this Beet.TV recorded panel interview, he was asked if the barriers between channels and ad sales are not breaking down along with viewer fragmentation.

“When Game Of Thrones is on YouTube, sure; why not?,” he replied, suggesting it will be a while before top-tier TV shows are sold to online-only platforms that support premium ads.

“If, at any time, a studio is willing to license its biggest hit or series to YouTube for distribution, or live sports, then the lines get blurred.”

Until then, advertisers are likely to coalesce around great content, wherever it is to be found.

This video was produced in London as part of our Addressable & Advanced TV Summit hosted by Sky Media and presented by FreeWheel and Invidi.  Please visit this page for additional segments from the event.