FreeWheel Aims To Simplify Global Advertising With Interoperability And Scale

LONDON — The streaming TV ad business is going big and going global – and that means ad-tech vendors supporting it have to do the same. But how can the suppliers to this booming business continue to provide value to publishers and advertisers in the fast-changing sector? In this video interview with Beet.TV, Thomas Bremond, […]


As SVOD Booms, Ads Must Excel: Comcast’s Bremond

LONDON — If ads and subscription payments sit on two sides of the media see-saw, the trick is in getting the balance right. Whilst many broadcasters are now keen to copy Netflix’s subscription model, what could be the impact on ad sales? “There’s maybe less premium content available for the ad sales team to monetize,” […]


Comcast’s FreeWheel Advises Niche OTTs On Path To Revenue

COLOGNE — The new capabilities of the emerging world of addressable TV and digital video delivery are not just an opportunity for the big guns. Smaller programmers, too, are rising up and getting a piece of the action. But are they getting a piece of the revenue pie? That’s where FreeWheel international GM Thomas Bremond […]


Canal+ Blesses FreeWheel-StickyADs.TV Combine With Cross-Screen Ad Deal

LONDON – If anyone in the premium video business doubted the logic behind FreeWheel’s acquisition of, French media giant Canal+ dispelled it by choosing the combined entity to optimize and manage its advertising inventory across all screens. “So now we can safely say we have a presence as FreeWheel at very single broadcaster in […]


Premium Content Defines Prime Ads, Whatever The Channel, FreeWheel’s Bremond

LONDON — What differentiates prime from sub-prime advertising inventory? Different media platforms can charge for ads in different and unique ways – but, in the end, value all comes back to content, says one ad-tech exec. “You may end up saying ‘my set-top box inventory is worth a lot more valuable than my IP inventory’,” says Thomas […]


FreeWheel Partnering w/ Sky to Grow Addressable TV Ads Across Europe

LONDON — Leading UK satcaster, telco and channel operator Sky has used FreeWheel for the last few years, to manage its digital video ad inventory. Now it will deploy the company’s platforms more widely, as it begins to consolidate its operations across Europe. The former BSkyB of the UK completed a £7bn merger with its sister companies in […]


Operators & Programmers Working Closer: FreeWheel’s Bremond

COLOGNE — Traditionally, in many markets, they have been distinct entities in the TV access world. But now broadcast access operators and the programmers whose content they depend on are working more closely together in the programmatic advertising future. “In the US in the also quarter, about 20% of the volume we were trafficking on our platform […]