CANNES — By now, many advertising buyers are getting used to outstream video – the technology that lets them place video ads on pages that don’t even carry video, between text paragraphs.

By and large, those ads run on publisher sites. But Teads, one of several vendors behind the technology that supports outstream, doesn’t want to stop there.

It has been working to spread the format on to the big new mobile content standards being rolled out by two tech giants.

“We’ve been working with them as the native video or outstrip partner at the forefront of trying to create a better mobile experience,” Teads north America Jim Daily tells Beet.TV in this video interview:

  • Google: “The first step was, we’re fully integrated with Google AMP. We’re, right now, their only native video partner. We work with them for the last eight or nine moths to develop a strong, sustainable platform.
  • Facebook: “We’re also integrating in to Instant Articles, so publishers can leverage on their phenomenal sales efforts in the field, not just on their own properties but also in the Facebook environment.”

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages standard aims to slim down bloated web pages – one cause of consumer frustration that drives ad blocking – whilst Facebook’s Instant Articles does the same but keeps the content in a Facebook walled garden.