LAS VEGAS — These days, it seems it is no longer enough for a consulting firm to just offering consulting advice – you have to back it up with implementation, too.

That’s what Deloitte is doing by partnering with three software providers to wrap up their offerings as one of its own, the so-called MarketMix for Media.

The company says the suite is an “over-the-top (OTT) platform to help Media and Entertainment (M&E) companies launch, monetize, and manage direct-to-consumer (DTC) content offerings”. Launched at the recent Consumer Electronics Show, it is comprised by three prongs:

  1. Adobe Marketing Cloud, for managing advertising.
  2. Zuora, for testing and managing pricepoints and subscriber relationships.
  3. Salesforce, to handle customer CRM.

So why is Deloitte getting in the game? Deloitte Digital principal Danny Ledge tells Beet.TV: “We looked at this as a two-stage shift in viewing behaviors:

  1. “Millennial buyers are no longer spending the majority of their time viewing content on traditional TVs. That time’s shifting away to non-traditional platforms.”
  2. “The decline in subscription households in dollars for MVPDs, TV operators, cable operators. That’s starting to really make a big dent on the impact of those businesses.”

Announcing its involvement, Adobe said: “The TV market has shifted. The growing adoption of OTT services among consumers has created an opportunity for media companies to develop a direct relationship with their audience instead of relying on distributors.

“This often involves a complete digital transformation that includes running new business operations, deploying new technology, and managing new engagement models.”