VIEQUES, PR — In a world where there is insufficient supply of premium video to satisfy advertisers’ demand for ads, certain ad-tech vendors have found a way to help, by serving ads in between content.

They are already a video paradigm agencies say will be most important to their clients’ portfolio, according to Forrester research commissioned by one vendor, Teads.

But so-called “outstream” video ads are more than just a single format, are still nascent and should be treated differently, a panel of others convened by Beet.TV heard…

All spoke highly about the emergence of formats which, most prominently, show ads between paragraphs of text.

“It’s the only ad format that puts the user in control that you can opt out of,” said Virool’s Danzis, whose company powers native video advertising. “You can’t opt out of pre-roll.”

ConvertMedia’s Naveh said outstream ads are supremely viewable, answering a common complaint of ad buyers.

But Genesis Media’s Yackanich, whose company employs math to determine appropriate ad placement, said outstream comes in several flavors, including:

  • Video between paragraphs.
  • Player over content.
  • Video behind content as wallpaper.
  • Player slides in for hovering-over.
  • Sound on/off.

Despite optimism about current opportunities, he cautioned: “We’re in the early stages of this entire market and ecosystem. It comes down to the value proposition, ‘Keep it simple, stupid’, as we get it out the door.

“Are (buyers) prepared to make fine delineations between various formats? Not yet. Do I think they’re getting there? Absolutely. Keep it simple. Channelize it in a way where you understand the KPIs.”

Although outstream may emerge as one part of an overall video ad mix, like in-stream pre-roll ads, Navehurged special status to grow the format, like has succeeded in a parallel sector.

“Taboola and Outbrain created the (native advertising) industry,” he said. “Outstream should be looked at as its own industry.”

This video was produced at the Beet.TV executive retreat presented by Videology. You can find more videos from the session here.