For Outstream To Grow, ‘Keep It Simple,’ Virool, Genesis and Convert Media

VIEQUES, PR — In a world where there is insufficient supply of premium video to satisfy advertisers’ demand for ads, certain ad-tech vendors have found a way to help, by serving ads in between content. They are already a video paradigm agencies say will be most important to their clients’ portfolio, according to Forrester research commissioned […]


Big Data is Driving Results for Virool’s Global Customers Big and Small

VIEQUES, PR –  Virool, the San Francisco-based video adtech company that provides “outstream” or “in-article” video advertising,  is powering its growth with a data management platform that has 450 million uniques, says Brian Danzis, Chief Revenue Officer, in this interview with Beet.TV He says the company, which had originally focused on building audiences for individual […]


For Viral Hit Maker WestJet, Earned Media Is the Easy Part

The viral videos that Canadian airline WestJet has become adept at producing over the last few years are aimed at a somewhat atypical audience. “We’re not really telling stories to millennials like a lot of people,” says Corey Evans, WestJet’s manager for sponsorship, community investment and experiential marketing, in an interview with Beet.TV. “We’re looking […]


Quaker Canada’s Viral Video Hit Used Real Family For Authenticity

Coming up with the idea for a viral video is a bit like striking gold, and authenticity was thought to be a prerequisite by the creators of a campaign for Quaker Oats Canada. The brand produced a video called “The Recital,” which centered on a dad who agreed to take hip-hop dancing lessons with his daughter leading […]


Viral Video Unleashes Marketers: Virool CEO Debelov

The ability to share online video spots has reinvented the video advertising business, says Alex Debelov, CEO of Virool, a platform enabling viral ads. “It’s a really interesting phenomenon which has never happened in advertising,” he tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “For the last 50 or 60 years, when marketers were producing spots for […]


Virool is Using Facial Recognition for Ad Targeting

Virool, the video adtech platform that provides publishers with a means to monetize video advertising outside of the traditional video player and into the content stream, is analyzing the facial expressions of consumers to measure reactions to specific video ads, explains CEO Alex Debelov, in this interview with Beet.TV A small group of about 1000 users for different […]


Virool Expands International Efforts with London Operations

COLOGNE – Virool, the San Francisco-based adtech firm that provides publishers with video ad units that appear in text articles, on desktop and mobile devices, is expanding its operations internationally with the its London operations headed by digital media veteran Andy Chandler. At DMEXCO, we spoke with Chandler with the emergence of the new units, […]


Virool and The Rubicon Project Deliver New Video Inventory to Publishers

COLOGNE –  With its recently forged alliance with the Rubicon Project, video adtech company Virool is expanding its publisher relationships around the use of it’s “in-text” video unit, says Brian Danzis, Chief Revenue Officer of Virool, in this interview with Beet.TV Virool,  and the emergence of “in-text” or “out-stream” videos were covered recently in the […]


Programmatic Video Platform Virool Focuses on Big Brands in 2015

As programmatic buying becomes more widespread, so do business opportunities for the tech platforms that support this buying style. Case in point — programmatic video platform Virool is aiming to expand deeper into big global brands this year as brands pursue more “advertainment” style videos, says Brian Danzis, the company’s Chief Revenue Officer, at the recent […]


This is The Year of “Advertainment,” Virool’s Danzis

FORT LAUDERDALE –  Virool, the self-service video advertising company with some 30,000 customers, is increasing  its operations around the needs of large brand marketers and advertising agencies — meeting demand for views of branded video content, says Brian Danzis, Chief Revenue Officer of the San Francisco-based company. He says that the length of videos now […]


Virool Expands from Self-Service Video Marketing Tool to Programmatic Solution for Agencies, Brands and Trading Desks

Virool, the San Francisco-based video programmatic ad company, which launched in 2012 with a self-service platform for small producers, has expanded its offering  to include to big ad agencies, trading desks and brands, explains Brian Danzis, Global Chief Revenue Officer in this interview with Beet.TV Danzis says that the company serves videos programmatically to a […]