GroupM’s Kowan: Programmatic As ‘Toolset’, Eschews Term ‘Trading Desk’

VIEQUES, PR — Programmatic ad buying is less a media revolution than an evolution, one in which GroupM eschews the term “trading desk” in favor of an “upgrade to the toolset” available to agencies, according to the company’s President of Programmatic Buying, Joe Kowan. Interviewed at the 2016 Beet Retreat by Matt Spiegel, MediaLink’s SVP/GM […]


IPG Mobile Head Johnson: Marketers Should Mobilize Assets First And Foremost

VIEQUES, PR — Mobile devices may dominate headlines but marketers aren’t creating enough ads for them, while accurate cross-platform measurement—with the exception of Apple, Facebook and Google—is still very much a work in progress, according to Travis Johnson, the Global President of Ansible, a unit of IPG Mediabrands.  Johnson also heads mobile for IPG Mediabrands. […]


MediaMath Sees Publishers, Advertisers Skirting The ‘Waterfall’ Via Header Bidding

VIEQUES, PR — Header bidding in programmatic advertising—not necessarily a new concept but one that’s gaining in popularity—can only benefit publishers and advertisers when both possess an intimate knowledge of the techniques involved, according to longtime practitioner Sam Cox. Simply stated, header bidding enables publishers to avoid the “waterfall effect” of how ad exchanges offering […]


Eyeview Registers Big Return On Customized Facebook Video Ads

VIEQUES, PR — TV ads repurposed for Facebook and combined with CRM data are fueling hyper-local targeting that can drive both online and offline sales with ROI far greater than the standard two dollars for every one spent on video. The keys are Facebook’s vast database and the ability to measure the impact—beyond just brand […]


‘Crawl, Walk And Run’ To Meet Dynamic Ad Challenges: Carat, Eyeview, Flite

VIEQUES, PR – The prospect of dynamically tailoring individual scenes within video ads for targeted viewers is mind-blowing – and headache-inducing. Last year, a poll of senior global marketers said personalized ads made for higher response and engagement rates. But, for marketers and the agencies who make the ads, getting there is not easy, a panel convened by […]


Data-Enabled Transactions Seen Fueling Cross-Platform Video Management, FeeWheel’s Smith

VIEQUES, PR — FreeWheel believes that 2016 can be a watershed year for publisher monetization of video across a range of platforms including desktop/laptop, mobile, over-the-top and set-top boxes. Data-enabled transactions are a key determinant of success for efficient cross-platform management, says FreeWheel VP Neil Smith. “Last year we were able to transact on buy-side, […]


DashBid CEO Tom Herman On Why Ad Blockers Won’t Faze Video Ads

VIEQUES, PR — Supply-side platform DashBid has a big stake in video advertising, so it’s naturally bullish on video ads, but the company believes publishers with quality content with persuade users to accept the ads as part of the value equation. DashBid CEO Tom Herman says that while he doesn’t think ad blocking of display […]


New York Times Among Publishers Embracing Creative Data Optimization

VIEQUES, PR — The New York Times and other publishers are on the leading edge of creative optimization of advertising formats, a sign that “creative matters now and people are excited about it,” says Flite CEO and Co-Founder Giles Goodwin. There is an active trend to move beyond finding people in the digital world to […]


ConvertMedia Sees Outstream Video As Unlocking TV Budget Vaults

VIEQUES, PR — Outstream video—standalone video ads without video content behind them—could be the key to raiding the vault of television ad budgets the video industry has been lusting for, according to video SSP ConvertMedia. The main reason inbound video is still dominant in volume is because it’s the only solution at scale today, says […]


Multi-Screen Ad Delivery Critical, And Challenging: AOL, FreeWheel & Tremor Discuss

VIEQUES, PR — The media ecosystem has become fragmented, with viewers demanding to watch their favorite content on the most appropriate device for their current context. That means advertisers, too, must catch up to deliver messages across multiple platforms, a panel debate convened by Beet.TV heard: FreeWheel FourFronts VP Neil, Smith AOL Head of Video Sales & Strategy, […]


Tech Stack ‘Fiefdoms’ Will Consolidate, According To MediaMath, Videology & Google

VIEQUES, PR — Over the last few years, we have seen an avalanche of new advertising technology solutions come to market, all helping marketers reach consumers – and, arguably, all making their job even more complex. Now we may see an accelerating flurry of mergers and acquisitions, as larger players gobble up vendors to streamline the ecosystem again, a panel convened […]


Videology’s Gaskamp: Publishers Getting More Involved With Their Inventory, Using Fewer Systems

VIEQUES, PR — Publishers are getting more aggressive with and knowledgeable about their inventory across platforms while legacy systems try to adapt to the demands of converged advertising. These insights were shared by Brent Gaskamp, SVP, Corporate Development, NA, Videology, who also predicts that publishers will consolidate the systems they now use. Publishers share the […]


For Outstream To Grow, ‘Keep It Simple,’ Virool, Genesis and Convert Media

VIEQUES, PR — In a world where there is insufficient supply of premium video to satisfy advertisers’ demand for ads, certain ad-tech vendors have found a way to help, by serving ads in between content. They are already a video paradigm agencies say will be most important to their clients’ portfolio, according to Forrester research commissioned […]


US Election Will Drive Programmatic Momentum: says DashBid, MediaMath, Rubicon Project, SpotX & Videology

VIEQUES, PR — Programmatic advertising is expected to consolidate its place at the advertising table in the campaign for the upcoming US presidential election. Ad spending in the upcoming presidential election could trump the last poll by 20%, reaching $11.4bn, with digital breaking the $1bn barrier, according to a Borrell Associates forecast. And programmatic video could […]


AOL is Powering Verizon’s Go90 Mobile Video App for Ad Decisioning

VIEQUES, PR — ONE by AOL is powering advertising  via Verizon’s  Go90, the wireless giant’s new video app.   Noah Fenn, head of Video Sales and Strategy at AOL explains how AOL is driving ad decisioning at Go90.  In this interview, he explains how AOL is bringing various data sets into the platform which is […]


YuMe’s McLernon: Marketers And Publishers Must Unite To Better Understand And Reach Consumers

VIEQUES, PR — YuMe Chief Revenue Officer Scot McLernon is calling on marketers and web publishers to unite and figure out how best to reach the approximately 160 million consumers who stream video and content via connected devices before they enter the “non-sponsored environment.” This joint effort will require a greater focus on better understanding […]


Three New Buying Criteria For The Agency Of The Future: Carat’s Ray

VIEQUES, PR — Don Draper is going through a mid-life crisis. That is to say, the ad agency business is undergoing profound change, as the rise of technology and data-driven marketing continues turning the industry inside-out. Many people in the furnace of the fire know this much. But how exactly is the business changing, and what does that […]


Coull Adds Own Exchange, SSP To Product Mix

VIEQUES, PR — Video ad-tech platform Coull is ready to play a bigger role in the video advertising value chain after launching its own ad exchange and supply-side platform. “We’ve been building out our own video platform, comprising of an exchange and an SSP,” CEO Irfon Watkins tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “We believe that […]


The Difference Between Watching And Viewing: Integral’s Lenane

VIEQUES, PR — With ad buyers freaking out about fake video ad plays, ad-tech vendors are racing to quantify how many are truly being viewed by a human user, not just a line of bot code. Truth is, that race may already have been won. Integral Ad Science is amongst the outfits saying ad buyers […]


Jun’s Frisbie Targets ‘Adaptive Marketing’ In 2016

VIEQUES, PR — By now, brands are used to buying ad inventory in real-time. But what if you could adjust a content marketing campaign mid-flight, too? That’s what Jun Group wants to accomplish this year. So far, the New York-based ad tech startup has made a business of helping brands plant native ads in publisher content. “We […]

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