LAS VEGAS — He’s only been in the role a couple of months, but programmatic ad tech company Rocket Fuel‘s new CEO Randy Wootton expects a big trend.

“Every marketer, especially every B2C marketer, is going to make decision in the next five years about their first-party data,” he tells Beet.TV in this video interview.

How brands choose to use consumer data – both their own and from other sources – to target ads became a hot topic in 2015.

Rocket Fuel, which began by applying artificial intelligence to rate ad inventory, partnered with DISH in October to allow its advertisers to use “moment scoring” to target ads programmatically. The technology has been used by whisky brand Glenfiddich.

Wootton explains: “There is computational power you need to score that impression. (Rocket Fuel) is the machine learning-powered optimisation engine, DISH is the marketplace that creates the supply in their hub.

With moment scoring up and running, what does Wootton’s first full year in the job look like?

“Last year was mostly about the integration (of X+1),” he says. “We’re doing a couple of bets as we go forward:

  1. “Brand. Programmatic TV is a perfect example of where we’re trying to help lead the industry in brand awareness, perception and building.”
  2. “Continuing to build out our direct response capabilities.”
  3. “Extending the programmatic platform to enable customers to do moment scoring.”

This video is part of Beet.TV coverage of CES 2016 sponsored by Adobe.