LAS VEGAS — With $25m raised in 2015, personalized video ad creation and delivery firm Innovid has now taken a total $56.m in venture funding over its eight years of operation. So what does the New York-based company plan to do with the latest money?

“That new capital will help us fuel the growth,” co-founder Tal Chalozin tells Beet.TV in this video interview.

“More and more marketers believe video is the killer app.. We would like to double-down on our investment in product, R&D and international growth. Through 2016, you should see a lot of investment on the data side.”

The company’s core service has been re-tooling TV ad spots to offer interactivity during airing on digital channels. But Innovid spent much of 2015 hooking up partnerships to ensure those ads can be distributed more widely.

“We went app-by-app and device-by-device to ensure we can connect in to any platform,” Chalozin says, claiming the company’s tech is now “on 11 different devices, over 1,000 different apps”.

Amongst the latest was a banner hook-up with Roku, plus ensuring mobile, finally, has a greater role in driving on-screen engagement.

“We did a big integration on couponing on Apple Wallet and Passbook in to television, allowing you to press, one click, and send something to your phone. We’re doing a lot of work on pairing your phone in to the television. We believe engagement must be on a dual screen, you will not do all the engagement on the television.”


This video is part of a series of interviews about the transformation of television produced at CES and sponsored by Adobe.