LAS VEGAS — CES no longer attracts just geeks and tech journalists. This year, swarms of ad agency and ad-tech delegates are in Las Vegas to soak up what’s next in gadgets and software.

Speaking from there, Havas Media Group global MD Dominique Delport concludes: “Every marketer should become a user experience designer. We are now living with apps. The way we interact with apps and technology will also define the way we brands and appreciate these brands.”

Havas seems to have been doing pretty well amid digital change. Delport says the agency has been winning “new brands, new partners, global accounts in more than 15, 20 countries every two months and a half”.

Despite industry debate over what agencies’ role is in an era when clients can perform some of their traditional functions using technology platforms, Delport asserts: “Brands need change agents”.

Now, new change is around the corner, built on recent developments in marketing automation. “Programmatic is providing a great help to target better, understand better,” Delport adds. “What can be automated will be automated – not only in advertising, in every compartment of our lives.

“Every product will contain some sensor that capture information to make our life easier, not more scary or more complicated. Simplicity needs to become that pillar of the way we think.”

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