LONDON — We are working in an age where technology seems to make everything possible – from uncovering the ad views that never happened, to producing the ultimate, all-encompassing metric for advertising experienced across screen types.

But is the industry too busy debating the potential, complex future measurement systems to notice that they are already here?

“I have to smile a little bit about that,” says Rhys Nölke, SVP for European broadcast group RTL, which has invested in ad tech platforms SpotX and Clypd.

He suggests people are getting bogged down by potential and complication: “A lot of the uncertainty and confusion is among the agencies and their clients themselves. They’re trying to have discussions on things we can actually already see and have done, in terms of ‘what is a viewable ad impression?’. It’s already written down, the IAB definitions.”

While some marketers imagine a holy grail of ultimate cross-screen measurability with 100% viewability, Nölke says today’s reality shouldn’t hold them back: “We have to take the small things as already proved and move on.”

And he says ad tech vendors’ pronouncements shouldn’t drive so many advertiser preoccupations, despite their promise of efficiency: “It’s a very biased role. We’re not going to be winning this game by just using solutions from interested parties.” He favors industry joint committees ruling the roost on which metrics are best to use.


This video was produced at the Future Of TV Advertising Forum. Beet.TV’s coverage is sponsored by Xaxis. You can find more Beet videos from the conference on this page.